Open Enrollment

QuesTECH Learning has an open, non-discriminatory admissions policy. QTL welcomes and admits qualified learners regardless of race, creed, color, ethnic identity, religion, sex, gender, nationality, or place of origin. QTL  is well suited for high potential students whose primary challenge is dyslexia and/or ADHD and/or Asperger’s. The school does not admit students who struggle in school because of behavioral difficulties, severe attention problems, severe receptive and expressive language disorders or less than average intellectual abilities. The approximate 1:8  teacher to learner ratio enables a learner to enter our program during the year while minimizing transition problems and issues


Tuition costs for a full academic year include $7400, $30 art fee, and $250 fundraiser ticket sales commitment. Learners are provided a new Chromebook computer for use at QTL as well as at home. The 1:1 computer program cost of $200 annually and is bundled in the tuition. After two years of participation and use, the Chromebook becomes the personal property of the learner. The academic year begins in August and ends in May. QuesTECH Learning follows the local public school schedules as closely as possible. Fees for the learners who enroll for less than a year are prorated. Parents are required to participate in the one annual major fundraiser sponsored by QuesTECH Learning. See below for links on LDOE tuition assistance programs at QTL.



The Tuition Payment Agreement enables parents to pay tuition by the month or by semester. A $250 discount aids parents who pay tuition in full as of August 1 of the current year. QuesTECH Learning does participate in the  Louisiana Scholarship Program as well as the Tuition Donation Rebate Program  (Arete Scholars and Ace Scholarships). Call for information. Student fee policy may be reviewed HERE.


QuesTECH Learning asks that learners bring their lunches Mondays-Thursdays.  A refrigerator, several microwaves, and snack/drink machines are available.  On Fridays, Quest School provides a special lunch for learners; parents send money to cover the cost of Friday lunches, usually $4 plus a beverage.

Handbooks for 2019-2020

Parent and Student Handbook - Distance Learning Handbook