School is for a time.
Learning is for LIFE.

QuesTECH Learning speaks to the Quest, the adventure and discovery that defines maximized individualized Learning, while fully embracing TECHnology in terms of learning systems, content, location, and career path.

Our mission here at QuesTECH Learning is to lead these young people in order to help them achieve two important goals for a successful life as an individual and in community: Achieving maximum potentialBecoming productive citizens.

QuesTECH Learning - Exceptional Learning...Without Exception. ™


Here at QuesTECH Learning we concentrate on each learner's individual educational needs. Some of our learners have been identified as having particular learning challenges, while some have found that they simply do not excel in a traditional school setting . We are a safe haven for many learners who had not formerly found a place where they can both fit in and thrive.

QuesTECH Learning is not a special education school, although we do have faculty and administration certified in special education. Our learners are typically of average to above average intelligence. We meet them where they are: academically, socially, and emotionally. Our class sizes are small. Our goal is for every student to achieve all-around academic success that produces a positive self-image translating into a lifelong  love for learning.

Specializing in serving transitional learners or those who wish to reach their full potential, QuesTECH Learning provides custom-designed curricula and extensive educational therapy for those who face educational challenges. Learners are grouped according to abilities in math and language arts; at any time during the school year, learners may change group placement to address their specific, individual academic needs.  Placement changes based on learner performance are made based on teacher recommendation and notification of parents. Learners work in small groups or on a one-on-one basis, depending upon student needs. QuesTECH Learning excels in student remediation and advancement so that learners may become the best version of themselves.

QuesTECH Learning is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization governed by a board of directors. QuesTECH Learning has a twenty-year history of excellence, is accredited by AdvancED, and is approved by the Louisiana Department of Education for the Louisiana Scholarship Program as well as the Tuition Donation Rebate Program (Arete Scholars and Ace Scholarships). We have been recognized with a Wellspot Level 3 designation through the Louisiana Department of Health