QuesTECH Learning provides each child the opportunity to develop academically, morally, emotionally, physically, and socially.  Our focus is on the learner. We believe that our total learning program embodies ideals which will lead to the accomplishment of these goals.  The philosophy of QuesTECH Learning is expressed below:

  • We believe that all QTL learners can learn in a safe, nurturing environment where each child’s needs are met intellectually through a defined curriculum that describes what is to be taught in each grade.

  • We believe that the QTL should provide for each individual's learning style.

  • We believe that QTL should stress basic training in academic areas while endeavoring to develop ideals, which contribute to the learners' becoming successful members of society.

  • We believe that QTL should help learners develop self-confidence, self-motivation, and self-direction.

  • We recognize the importance of the support of our community. We believe in interaction between QTL and its stakeholders. Working with parents and stakeholders strengthens the positive relationship between QTL and the community.

  • We understand the necessity of QTL learners’ possessing the capabilities to adapt to change, to develop problem-solving and reasoning skills, and to express and receive ideas effectively in the culturally diverse world that is the 21st Century. QTL seeks to secure the necessary foundation upon which our learners will build a life-long love for learning as they prepare to transition to other phases of their lives.

  • We at QTL commit ourselves to the development of these principles through study and revision of our teaching/facilitation methods and staff development programs geared to meet the needs of the ever-changing world and the 21st century workplace.