QuesTECH Learning - Student Fee Policy

All students of QuesTECH Learning are subject to the following mandatory fees:

  • Art Fee ($30 annually) - The proceeds of this fee are used to acquire the materials and supplies necessary to offer art programs and enrichment for all students at QuesTECH Learning.

Only fees that are specifically authorized by the QuesTECH Learning student fee policy may be imposed. All fees are required to be paid at the beginning of the school year, prior to the first day of classes. Late enrollees are required to pay fees prior to the student’s first day of class.

Financially responsible parties who are unable to pay designated school fees due to financial hardship may request a waiver of payment of fees. All such waiver requests must be submitted in writing with a reasonable summary of circumstances which make the request necessary. Waiver requests are considered individually by the administration, who have full and final authority for a determination on the requested waiver. Waiver requests must be made annually, if needed.

Pursuant to state law (R.S. 17:112),  lack of payment, debt, or outstanding obligation of student fees will not result in the withholding of education records.

This student fee policy will be posted publicly on the QuesTECH Learning website.

Promulgated - August 1, 2017